Single Serve Soft Pretzel

single pretzel 1



Sometimes you just want to make a single pretzel. Sometimes, there’s only one to serve. For me, a good soft pretzel can be very comforting, and given that I’m currently living by myself (until 25 July), it’s easier to just make one pretzel and not worry about having leftovers. Pretzels are tasty. Pretzels are easy to make. And I’m also a huge fan of single serving recipes, because sometimes you want a dish but not leftovers.





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Spicy Goat Tacos

goat tacos 1It’s been a while, and there has been a lot of stress.  I won’t go into all of that, because I have an awesome, spicy new taco recipe to share! This recipe was born from a gift from my sister of fresh, ground goat from a local farm store. And being who I am, I decided that I needed to make some dish that was super spicy. Why? Because goats call to mind images of the devil and of death metal (I grew up with and still love Slayer, among other bands), so I wanted something metal…something hot as hell but still tasty. And I think I’ve achieved that. So, without further ado, I present a spicy goat taco with a peach mango salsa and roasted jalapeno sour cream.






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Status Update

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. I’m currently helping my fiancee with the last minute details of our wedding on the 30th of May. We’re trying to do everything ourselves to save money and avoid stress (yes, laugh at our optimism on that). Posting will resume when the time permits to sit down and write out recipes and reviews.


Shepherd’s Hash

shepherd hash 1So the other day, the local market had lamb chops on sale. Both my fiancee and I have issues with bone-in meat. Yes, we both know the additional flavor that the bone adds, but we both prefer meat off the bone. We do make exceptions for ribs and wings, but we prefer boneless meat.  So, while I was on my own preparing to grade assignments, I had the idea to make a semi-deconstructed version of shepherd’s pie.  The result was a cross between shepherd’s pie and a lamb hash.  Hence, I have termed it, “Shepherd’s Hash”.




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Dessert Friday: Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies

cc almond biscotti cookies 2So yesterday, I was trying to decide on a dessert to eat. And, I wanted only one thing:  cookies and milk. But I’ve been baking the same cookies regularly, and I wanted something different. I also wanted to not have to get out of my apartment to go get ingredients. And that last stipulation made the choice difficult. So I took stock of what ingredients I had, scoured my recipe sources, and threw together a dozen of these little cookies.





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Thai-Style Peanut Ramen

peanut ramen 1As the semester draws to a close, all of us in graduate school realize that money gets tight – especially for those of us in Louisiana these days.  Anyone familiar with the jokes and stereotypes of the “broke grad student” know the joke about eating packages of Ramen noodles for the last few months. Usually, I’m able to avoid eating these little noodle packets unless I need a very quick meal. That said, they’re not bad as a starter for a lot of different recipes. Let’s face it, the little packages are just noodles. I never use the seasoning packet, because most prepackaged seasonings are mostly salt.  So, this is a simple little variant of Ramen that I’ve created that incorporates a simple, spicy Thai-style peanut sauce.  I make no claims to ethnic authenticity, but I do promise flavor.



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Potato Chip Chicken Nuggets

pc nuggets 2This is just a simple little recipe that I made for my girlfriend while I visited her during spring break. She had to work, so I did all the cooking, which I thoroughly enjoying doing for people. One of her favorite chips is the Lays Mango-Salsa chips, so those are the chips that I used while making these. Any potato chip (or other chip) will work, but the flavor will vary depending on the flavor of the chips. This is a simple recipe to make, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s oven-baked to shave off a few calories.

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